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District News - 2014-2015

Boys Basketball - Gosh Warriors, From Yonkers... at the AAU Nationals

For the past several years, Tracee Jamison (the Lieutenant Governor of NY) and her sister, Angela, have taken their teams, the GOSH Warriors, to AAU Nationals in such states as Florida, Arkansas and this year to Louisville, Kentucky. The coaches and players do a tremendous job in representing New York at the highest level in terms of ability, behavior and sportsmanship. We are very proud of the GOSH Warriors and their coaches. The following is a brief article that the coaches wrote about their experience in Louisville at the 16U Division ll Boys Basketball AAU Nationals last month.

Jim Fox

Going to AAU Nationals is always an exciting experience for the G.O.S.H. Warriors family. The level of competition never leaves us disappointed. Every team comes to “ball” and every team comes to WIN. The G.O.S.H. Warriors team had a true turning point during their “Kentucky Experience.” This team has had different pieces of a puzzle that never seemed to come fully together. The talent was evident and the desire was obvious. Our team has tried a number of different combinations of talent to try to bring out the level of consistency and competitiveness to which our fearless leader, head coach of our team, Coach Tracee, had envisioned.

It was in Louisville, Kentucky that the G.O.S.H. Warriors team found their true “heart.” No, we didn't win every game that we played, but the team has finally realized that not only did they work hard to get to Nationals, but they also deserved to be there because of that hard work. Adversities did not triumph over our team. We played as a team and we were victorious in more ways than one. Many of our players felt like Kentucky AAU Nationals was one of the best events they have experienced. They really enjoyed the fact that everything was located in one venue and the level of professionalism and organization was very much appreciated as well. Although our team just finished this AAU season, they are already looking forward to next year’s AAU Nationals tournament, which will hopefully remain in Louisville, Kentucky.

Boys Basketball - Tremendous Representation at AAUNationals..

During a year when there has been a significant decline in teams participating in AAU Nationals throughout the country, NY Metropolitan Boys Basketball sent a remarkable 66 teams to various AAU Nationals.
Lightning Basketball led the way with 11 teams with the Gauchos running a close second with 9 teams. The Rens also were represented in a significant fashion with 7 teams.

NY Metro sent at least one team to 26 of the possible 28 Divisional National Championships, which has never previously been done by our District.

We are also very proud to report that Lightning Mitchell finished in Second Place in the 14U Division ll Nationals, the New York Falcons finished in Third Place in the 13U Division lll Nationals and the NY Gauchos placed Third in the 8U Nationals.

We are very proud of all of our teams' representation of New York on the National Stage.

Jim Fox
Boys Basketball Chair
NY Metropolitan AAU

Boys Basketball - NY Metropolitan Basketball Report 2015...

2015 was another successful year for NY Metropolitan AAU Boys Basketball. We had a growth of 2% in membership over 2014 to date. This is a great accomplishment in that most other districts have experienced substantial losses in membership and district championship participation. We continue to be the fifth largest district in Boys Basketball in the country. Our participation in District Championships was down from 337 in 2014 to 315 this year. This was a significant drop over past years. This was in large part due to the change in age eligibility. We continued to employ a person who made dozens, if not hundreds, of calls to communicate with club directors and coaches to answer general AAU questions and try to attract teams to District Championships. We also began a social media initiative that still needs more time to attract a sufficient number of followers. We also utilized the AAU email system on a regular basis. Without these efforts, I believe our numbers would have been substantially lower.

Despite the drop-off in District Championship participation, our overall membership was up over 2%. This was the result of the licensing of the large Island Garden Super League as an AAU league. We mandated that independent teams join the AAU for insurance coverage. This, in turn, led to an increased participation in some AAU Spring tournaments, if not necessarily District Championships.

As far as the operation of the events, they were completed without significant incident. We did uphold two eligibility protests resulting in forfeits and the elimination of those teams from competition. Actually, it is my opinion that such action enhances the credibility of our events. It sends out a clear message that we do not tolerate cheating or improper behavior and are very willing to take immediate, fair and decisive action. I do not know of any other tournament in the area that takes such an approach. In particular, there was one team which was declared ineligible and removed from advancing to the National Championships. Of significant note, we established that the director of the club and one of his players submitted false government identification. This matter continues to be under investigation and we are recommending to the AAU that criminal charges be pursued against that individual. It is believed that this is absolutely essential for the credibility of the background screening program.

The New York Metropolitan AAU District Championships culminated on Memorial Day with our annual Championship Monday. That day was again a huge success. Both the Island Garden and Brewster facilities were filled with tremendous energy and large crowds. It was a day characterized by great basketball, the tradition of NY AAU and fantastic partnership of children and adults of all ages, races and socio- economic backgrounds who come together to enjoy AAU basketball. The best description of the day was offered by a nationally respected basketball expert when he appropriately characterized the event as “BALL FOR ALL”. We also incorporated a fund raising program on that day during which we sold AAU shirts that were purchased by the District and donated 100% of the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors Project. A $1,000.00 check was sent to that charity which assists injured military veterans. Everyone loved participating in that donation. This was a wonderful thing in and of itself but it also generated outstanding good will for the AAU.

In all, both membership and very positive perception as it pertains to AAU continue to grow in the New York Metropolitan area. There is a concern, however, about the continuing drop off in District Championship participation. This, I believe, will be a trend that will reverse itself once people become more accustomed to the new age eligibility requirements. That AAU rule change will greatly benefit the AAU over the long run and it is a long overdue policy change which I applaud AAU for taking such bold action. My opinion is shared by the large majority of coaches and program directors.

One final thought ---- picture Championship Monday. Literally hundreds of young athletes and their parents and coaches coming together in one location draped with AAU banners throughout. Everyone loves to play or watch the great game of basketball as a member of AAU which is the best organization for young athletes in the country. The air conditioning cannot keep up with the crowds but everyone is happy to be there. It does not matter what your job or income is, where you live or what race or religion you are. What is important is that everyone is here in the gym to play AAU basketball. Most of those in attendance would rather be in the gym watching their son, brother, grandson than anywhere else. AAU BASKETBALL IS ALIVE AND WELL IN NEW YORK

Submitted by Jim Fox
NY Metropolitan AAU Boys Basketball Chair
June 10, 2015

Boys Basketball - ...TRADITION GETS SPECIAL ADD-ON IN 2015...

For the past 22 years, New York Metropolitan has played the championship games for each age group and division of its Boys Basketball District Championships on Memorial Day. This has grown into one of the premier events on the New York basketball calendar! Each player is told before their game that they are now are part of a very special group of New York basketball players since anyone who is anyone coming out of New York played at the AAU Championship Monday event at one point in their career. A total of 31 games were played at the Island Garden and the Brewster Sports Center. Both facilities were completely packed and the excitement was phenomenal. The games went off without a hitch, the sportsmanship was outstanding and the competition was truly impressive.
Since NY Metropolitan AAU Championship Monday is played on Memorial Day, we honor those who have served or are currently in our military.
This year we sold tee shirts that the District purchased. We charged only $5.00 per shirt and were able to sell over 125 shirts. Every penny from those sales plus an additional donation from the NY AAU Treasury came to $1,000.00 which was donated to the Wounded Warriors Project to assist those veterans who have given so much for all of us.
It was a donation that came from the hearts of all the participants of Championship Monday!
It was a great day for AAU Basketball here in New York. We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come. AAU Basketball is alive and strong in New York.

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Girl's Basketball - New York Metro Girls Basketball in Need of Support!

New York Metro Girls Basketball in Need of Support!

A Statement from Jim Fox, Governor:

The New York Metro district has been facing some trials when it comes to the development and retention of our girls’ basketball division. With a growth of only 3% this year, we need to find a new way to bring in new athletes to our programs.

Our DI and DIII championships were canceled over a lack of participation, and DII only has two teams going onto AAU Nationals.

Our district has always produced athletes that have shown the AAU community how talented our district is and we need to get Girls Basketball back to that level of competitive achievement. The District attempted to have a National Regional event to try and catalyst new members and larger participation, but a lack of interest resulted.

“We are concerned for the future viability of AAU Girls Basketball both on a district and National level. This issue is something that other AAU organizations are dealing with as well.”

As a whole we would like to encourage players, old, current, and perspective, to help us in a revival of what was once a premier sport to come out of our district. We are in high hopes of coming back full force next season, but we need your help!

Baton Twirling - INew York Metropolitan is proud to support one of our premier Twirling teams ...

New York Metropolitan is proud to support one of our premier Twirling teams who will be going to Abbotsford Canada this summer to represent Team USA in the WBTF International Cup Competition.

These individuals have shown incredible effort and dedication to their sport over the years and their hard work has certainly paid off with this incredible opportunity.

Our District is proud to support these young women in their journey and hope that our other teams will join us in wishing them Good Luck!!

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